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Starter Website Design

  • Without a doubt, initially, it can be a daunting task to establish a web presence on your own. No doubt, it can be very confusing and stressful as well.
  • Indeed, there are many areas that must be addressed and catered for the website in order to be a success. It can even be very much overwhelming.
  • This is the reason why the experience and knowledge of Sassol’s staff at this point is necessary.
  • We will surely work with our customers in order to develop a website that is going to meet the specific needs of the business while also ensuring that the graphics, layout and content are also appropriate for the targeted audience.
  • We will also assist you in choosing all those applications and multimedia’s that will further make your website very much efficient and attractive.

Together, we are confident that we will be able in generating a site that will not just meet your needs but also present a professional image for you.


Corporate Site Design

  • Our aim is to make all necessary efforts to ensure that the web design page must be kept professional. It needs to be very clear and crisp, must have easy navigation and downloading needs to be quick as well.
  • It is no doubt the appeal that helps in capturing the attention of the browser. Secondly, the second aspect is both the content and functionality that helps in securing the concentration of the user to a large extent.
  • A good website design will certainly help in reinforcing the message of the company and its overall impact on the user will always be quite high.
  • Our corporate website designing packaging has been prepared in a way that needs to be best for the organization, industrial clients and large enterprises as well.

Responsive Web Design

  • It is a fact that the users using Internet are now having access to several kinds of devices. There are multiple in number that consists of desktop computers, laptops, iPads, iPhone, Tablet PCs, even smartphones and many other mobile devices. All of them have different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Viewing a website that had been designed for a desktop screen on a smartphone screen had been indeed very much problematic. It required a lot of zooming in and out and had to be scrolled in all directions, which eventually led to a very bad user experience.
  • Certainly, producing the websites that are visually appealing and are usable on all sorts of devices has been a real challenge. Thankfully, the solution now is a Responsive Website Design. This is basically designed on CSS3 and HTML5.

Website Redesigning

  • Websites are not something that are created in a way as if a stone has been produced. A change can be made in them and they can be redesigned in such a manner that must be able to fulfill all needs related to the business.
  • There are indeed many firms that starts off with a small budget and do not create a very big site in the beginning but once they are in a position in generating revenue then they surely need to upgrade that particular site in order to attract large number of customers.
  • Some companies are there that makes a decision to add some multimedia elements to their existing website. They feel that some kind of interactivity needs to be there on the website. Though, other companies feel that they need to create a new online look for their business.
  • No matter, whatever reason exists for web design alteration, Sassol can surely provide you valuable assistance. A need is not there to start from very beginning as the existing pages can be transformed into a functional and effective site as well. This can surely help you to meet any kind of need, maintain an image that is professional and also serve as an important foundation for the company to maintain its strong web presence.