Ramadan: A Time for Blessings, Betterment and Benevolence

The holy month of Ramadan offers countless blessings for all practitioners of Islam. It is a time to attain forgiveness and gain empathy. To embrace the hardships others have to face on daily basis. The experience is a humbling one that sows the seeds of kindness within the hearts of man.

When fasting, the individual shall receive two great treasures. One of which is offered in the afterlife and the other is the happiness one receives from breaking the fast after the whole day of resisting a biological need simply for the happiness of the Almighty. Much like a family, the higher-ups at Sassol wanted to offer something rewarding for their diligent personnel. In celebration of this holy month, the administration at Sassol decided to treat their hardworking members to a feast at one of the most pristine hotels in the country. It is no secret that dining with the people you admire and respect is a treasured experience, however, due to the month of Ramadan the experience would have been that much sweater.

As we received the news, all of the staff were very excited. Due to the bonds that the team has within each other going out together is a really enjoyable experience. Upon arriving it was clear that the experience was going to be very posh.  The Beach Luxury Hotel truly lived up to its name; all of the food was being prepared right in front of the guests. So it was safe to say that each dish was made using the high quality and fresh ingredients. The atmosphere of the hotel was so relaxing and the staff was very welcoming. In order to make the trip memorable, there were a number of amenities offered by Sassol that included a professional photographer, boat rides and much more. Before I knew it, it was time for breakfast so we all came together and prayed for the betterment of our families, friends and the company. Safe to say that I will remember that day for a long, long time. It has become one of my cherished memories.