Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make While Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency 

Bringing a social media marketing agency on board can be a tumultuous task.  However, once you have jumped on the band-wagon of bringing the right people on board, it can be easier for your business to thrive in the digital realm. Good advertising agencies can actually help to enhance business equity, generate solid leads and convert them into real-time sales.

If you are new to Digital Marketing and need an expert opinion on finding the right digital media agency for your company, you are at the right place!

In this article, we shall explore various mistakes one can avoid while hiring a digital marketing agency.

The Agency is unfamiliar with your Business Objectives

Many Ad agencies are in the habit of misunderstanding the key business objectives or financial goals associated with the Brands they work with. Such a lack of helpful client-servicing often leads to poor long-term relationships with the client. The first and foremost responsibility of any ad agency is to fathom the needs of your business and cater them systematically while enhancing revenue.

Business Objectives Guide

They might divert your attention to easy-to-attain ‘soft metrics’ such as increased likes and views. This can be a good indicator of digital performance. However, if they are not aligned with your business goals, it may be difficult to keep a good track of overall performance.

Some of the main questions you must direct towards your designated agency representative can be;

  • Is there enough footfall in the stores?
  • How are retail sales?
  • What is the overall engagement rate of the digital ad campaigns?
  • What is the quality of the creatives?
  • And if you are an HR firm. How qualified and efficient are the new hires?

Such an in-depth analysis of the business goals and a detailed inspection of the performance metrics are the key responsibilities of a Brand manager. Many small and medium-sized businesses are now opting for digital marketing agencies to lead their way, it is important to maintain a productive communication flow for strategic marketing decisions to take place. You can find a good digital marketing agency in Karachi to help with the digital needs of your brand.

Opting an in-expensive agency

In recent times, everyone with a laptop and a basic understanding of the digitalized world claims to be running a small-scale advertising agency. You might come across several such digital marketers offering inexpensive advertising at a reasonably low-cost compared to their competitors.

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Creating top-notch, clutter-breaking ad campaigns not only takes hours of research, aesthetic creative development but also an extensive media plan.  Besides that, agencies need to constantly monitor ad performances and work through ad-denial appeals. Often it happens the ads are disapproved because of minor difficulties in the ever-changing Facebook algorithms. You require expert media-planners to detect and monitor the ad campaigns to help them run smoothly.

You don’t want an agency that provides low-performing ad campaigns and does not deliver results. Your marketing agency is required to be aligned with your brand’s ethos and objectives. Good Marketing agencies take in the time out to understand your brand. They get to know your brand and then work together to achieve mutually-beneficial goals.

Creative development 

Ever wondered why multi-national brands re particular about creating and curating relatable content online? They understand the audience is constantly moved by brilliant visuals bombarded their way. Consumers want something that intrigues them and casts a lasting impression on their minds. A cheap advertising agency would cut corners and provide unaesthetic and low-quality visuals.

Creative Development Karachi

Creative development plays a significant role in imparting the brand’s image to the audience. The colors, design style, and aesthetics used to communicate the values people associate with your brand. Before you choose a Digital Marketing Industry, make sure they have a brilliant creative portfolio. 

Selecting a ‘full-service’ digital agency 

Many Digital Marketing agencies claim to be full-service with 360-degree expertise and approach in all aspects of digital marketing. In recent times, digital advertising has become a complicated affair with multiple aspects that require different levels of in-house expertise. These include search engine optimization, google ads, public relations, web, and app development, etc.

Full Service Digital Agency Karachi

You can also find Digital agencies offering creative content services in Karachi. It is always important to do your research before hiring a full-service digital agency. An agency can’t be expected to offer prime quality service in all areas facilitating and creating your brand’s digital footprint.  

For instance, the Facebook algorithm itself is a complicated phenomenon. Understanding the key details and knowing how to compete with the lowest bidding auction cannot be neglected. 

The agency runs an ad account under their name 

It isn’t uncommon to see a software development company or a digital agency run ads under their account. This practice is highly discouraged as it often carries a number of risks attached to it.


This would mean the reputation associated with their account will become directly connected to the ad campaigns they run for you. This may sometime result in a higher bidding price or direct dismissal of your ad campaign.

You must avoid such instances at all costs.