Food and Relaxation : A fun Picnic

When you’re part of a company that is growing by the second you really have to bring you’re a-game each and every day. Not going to lie, that can be existing at times and you really need a break. Funny enough, as I was thinking about taking a day off, I received an interesting email.  You see, I’m a new addition to the Sassol family so I wasn’t aware that they make sure that their works are kept happy and in peak condition.

Opening the email I was pleasantly surprised that there was going to be an official picnic, all expenses paid. Much like the rest of the staff, I was quite happy since we would get to spend some time just having fun.  We were to arrive early morning to the office so that our transport could take us to the designated farmhouse. Even the ride to our destination was memorable, singing songs, having playful banter and stopping for breakfast along the way.

Upon reaching, it was time to unpack and prepare for all the awesome activities that awaited us. Have to say, there was a lot to choose from but most of the crew rushed towards the boats. It was quite fun just floating on the water, horsing around with the other people there. Even though I’ve not been with them for long, the staff at Sassol has been very welcoming. I didn’t even feel that I was on an office retreat, rather it felt as if we were a group of friends just goofing off.

From the food to the company each and every detail made it a day to remember. One of the highlights of the day was when the pool was finally open for our use. To be fair, I didn’t use it because it was too cold, but two brave souls did jump in and enjoyed fully. Honestly, while the farmhouse was fantastic, the company made the experience beyond memorable.