Charity Event By Sassol – Give What You Love To Own

If you are wondering that we help the successful personnel only then you might be wrong. Every year, the family of Sassol gather clothes and other everyday equipment to give to those in need. It is our duty as a citizen of a nation to look after the underprivileged community of our society to help them live a better life.

We Rise By Lifting Others

The CEO of our company firmly believes in giving charity and states it as a mood-booster. Giving does not only benefit the person on the receiving end but also has a positive effect on the donor.

It is believed that donations either in the form of money or luxury increase your own wealth. This act is liked by God himself and He has promised several rewards upon giving charity.

Donate – a Child Needs Your Hope

So, this New Year the team of Sassol took advantage of this festive occasion and believed in the spirit that we cannot help everyone but everyone can help someone. The employees contributed their clothes including shirts, pants, jackets and all keeping the winter season in mind. Some of them took part by giving money to those who are in need.

This event was a one-day activity which was organised on the 1st of January  where the entire team was present from the CEO, upper management to the staff. All the pre-loved belongings were beautifully wrapped in a gift paper and decorated with ribbons and bows. Every individual made sure that the things they were donating were of good quality and in good condition. The donations were successfully delivered to Sylani before the end of the year. Just to see the deserving people smile and start there New Year with happiness.