Charity Event By Sassol – Give What You Love To Own

If you are wondering that we help the successful personnel only then you might be wrong. Every year, the family of Sassol gather clothes and other everyday equipment to give to those in need. It is our duty as a citizen of a nation to look after the underprivileged community of our society to help [...]

Food and Relaxation : A fun Picnic

When you’re part of a company that is growing by the second you really have to bring you’re a-game each and every day. Not going to lie, that can be existing at times and you really need a break. Funny enough, as I was thinking about taking a day off, I received an interesting email.  [...]

Indoor Chill Zone for Sassolians – Sassol Values the Tranquility of Its Employees The Most

We all know, how anguish it is to work all day long without any break to re-energize yourself. Well, Sassol has considered this and thought to have indoor games that would help in team building, communication, and energy enhancement.To improve the work environment, it is necessary to have team building activities with positive impacts. The [...]

Ramadan: A Time for Blessings, Betterment and Benevolence

The holy month of Ramadan offers countless blessings for all practitioners of Islam. It is a time to attain forgiveness and gain empathy. To embrace the hardships others have to face on daily basis. The experience is a humbling one that sows the seeds of kindness within the hearts of man. When fasting, the individual [...]

How Information Technology Is Benefiting the Business and Enhancing Growth of It

Information technology is quite important today as it’s becoming a part of every business plan, from multinational companies who are using mainframe systems to the small business that owns a single laptop or computer device to work on. IT or Information Technology plays a significant role in today’s modern world that is full of technology, [...]

Why Digital Marketing Is Important and How It Can Help In the Growth of a Business

In today’s time of technology, the paradigm of digital marketing is shifted from analogue to digital marketing. The importance of digital marketing works in favor of not only marketers but also it is beneficial for consumers too. Digital marketing becomes an essential part of what a business is to the clients and how it can bring success [...]

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make While Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency 

Bringing a social media marketing agency on board can be a tumultuous task.  However, once you have jumped on the band-wagon of bringing the right people on board, it can be easier for your business to thrive in the digital realm. Good advertising agencies can actually help to enhance business equity, generate solid leads and convert them [...]

Ethical Behaviors To Enhance Your Sales Marketing

As a sales professional, how would you describe yourself is a basic thing for a consumer to notice and proceed further. Make sure to not use terms that are aggressive, impassionate, or annoying that would remarkably lower down the chances of enhancing the sales. One of the greatest obstacles to upholding sales ethics is taking [...]