About Us

About Sas-sol

Sassol Private Limited was established in 2016. It started as a digital and creative agency to provide technology to its customers. Since then, significant efforts are made to our valuable human resource in achieving digital excellence. This made it possible for us to foster greater results with the passage of time. Our aim is to go the extra mile to the best possible way in our work. There is certainly a long way to go and as a result, the company is striving hard to achieve much better results for the future.

Our Objective

We look forward to providing the maximum number of benefits to our customers with the range of services included: Corporate Branding, Creative Content, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, Software Development and Website Design. Our job is making sure to utilize the best ideas for the business. With utmost dedication, strong commitment, highest level of integrity, all these values define the overall objective of Sas-sol.



To strengthen ourselves with right kinds of digital tools that can help us in making the right, bold and influential decisions for our business


To equip modern technology in our departments to come up with valuable products leading a path to success.


Placing high level of importance to work ethics, honesty, integrity and transparency to deliver exceptional results to our customers.